The Stelton Dojo is located in Edison, New Jersey, USA and the club instructor is Kyoshi Brian Berenbach.

The Stelton Dojo is a member of the Shorinjiryu Kenryukan Karate organization.

Shorinjiryu Kenryukan is a modern system of karatedo steeped in traditionalism and rich in lineage. The system was orginated by Shinan Kori Masayoshi Hisataka.

While Shorinjiryu is one of the lesser known Okinawan forms of karate, it is resplendent In tradition, heritage and lineage. We are as proud of its heritage as any of the other Okinawan ox Japanese systems are of theirs and are proud to have been bequeathed such a great system by the late Kori Hisataka.

The Kenryukan is headed by hachidan (eighth degree black belt) Myron M. Lubitsch, Hanshi. 

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